Buddy and Volunteer Guidelines

Buddies are integral to our program.
Buddies are integral to our program.

Buddy Guidelines

  • Please arrive at the field 15 minutes before the start of the game.
  • Each buddy will be assigned a Miracle League of Blaine (MLB) player, and be introduced to them. Each MLB player will have a shirt on, identifying their name. Some things you might like to talk to them about is what grade they are in, what school they attend, their hobbies, how long have they been playing ball, their favorite music, etc.
  • Buddies should help the Miracle League player with batting and fielding. Every player will have different needs in playing the game. Most of them need just a little extra help. Let them do as much as they are capable of doing.
    • Some Miracle League players do not need much help at bat. Please make sure they have a helmet on, assist them in getting a bat; if they need a tee, help that get placed. You may also need to help them in holding and swinging the bat. Miracle League of Blaine players get to swing at the ball as many times is necessary until they hit the ball.
    • After the ball is hit, encourage them to run to the bases. Even if they get out, they stay on the base. There are no strike-outs or outs. If your player uses a wheelchair and needs help, push them around the bases. Just make sure you aren’t going too fast! They also love to steal bases.
    • In the field, you can help them stop and throw the ball as needed. Again, some players do not need much help, where others do, let each player do what they are capable of. Toss the ball to them, give them the ball to throw or if they are unable to throw the ball, touch them and throw the ball for them. Also, help direct them to what base they should throw the ball. Some kids don’t have the ability to protect themselves from a hard hit ball so look out for hard hit fly balls and protect your player.
  • Buddies should also make sure the Miracle League player knows his or her order in the lineup. Miracle League coaches will have a roster and will help with this as well.
  • After the game, each team celebrates with high fives and also a cheer. Help your buddy with this process! Your main goal as a buddy is to have fun with them and assist as needed!

Volunteering and Parental Involvement

Just as with other community sports programs, the success of the Miracle League of Blaine is directly tied to volunteer and parental involvement. Miracle League of Blaine is an all-­volunteer program where our kids can learn and play baseball and is dependent on volunteers and parents! There are many volunteer opportunities during the games such as coaching, announcing or helping as a buddy.

There are also additional opportunities to volunteer with helping with one of our annual activities such as Opening Day Ceremonies, End of Season Celebration, one of our fundraisers or you could sponsor a team by making a monetary contribution.

When your team’s coach or league director approaches you to volunteer some of your time to the success of the League, please do so enthusiastically – and keep in mind without our parents and volunteers, the League could not exist.

Contact us here to inquire about being a buddy!

Buddy Training Video