Miracle League of Blaine FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to play in the Miracle League?

  • Any child, age 3 – 21, with a developmental or physical challenge.

Where will games be played?

  • All games will be played at the Miracle League field located in the Blaine Baseball Complex at 1150 Paul Parkway NE, Blaine, MN.

When will the Major League (Spring/Summer) season start and what days of the week is ball played?

  • The Major League season usually starts the 2nd week in May and goes through the middle of July.
  • Games are generally played on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Sometimes Thursdays as needed.
  • Tuesday night games are scheduled for a 6:30 p.m. start.
  • Saturday games are scheduled based on the number of league games for the day.
  • Days of week and start times may change due to interest.
  • Each team has between 10 –12 players.

When will the Minor League (Summer/Fall) season league start?

  • The Minor League (Summer/Fall) season league starts the 2nd week in August and goes through the middle of September.
  • Games are generally played on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • Tuesday night games are scheduled for a 6:30 p.m. start.
  • Saturday games are scheduled based on the number of league games for the day.
  • Days of week and start times may change due to interest.
  • Each team has between 10 –12 players.

How many teams are there?

  • That is dependent on the amount of players that register.

What and when are Jersey Pickup Day?

  • Jersey Pickup Day is when all players pick up their jerseys and meet their teammates and coaches.
  • There is usually a pickup game or batting practice on Jersey Pickup Day.
  • Jersey Pickup dates are announced after registration is closed.

Where can I register?

  • Check the site or Facebook for any updates, options and registration deadlines.

Is the field handicap accessible?

  • The field is constructed out of a synthetic turf. The custom-designed field accommodates wheelchairs and other walking assistance devices while helping prevent injuries.
  • The entire field is a synthetic surface with coloring for grass, clay, bases and chalk lines.
  • At the Baseball Complex, there is a shelter with bathrooms, a concession stand (that is not always open), a storage area, paved walkways, and a playground.

What is the cost to participate?

  • Cost per participant is $50.00, which includes a team jersey, a baseball cap, and a trophy.
  • When paying for the entire year (2 seasons of play), there is a $10 discount.
  • Scholarships are available to help with the cost of any child that cannot afford the fee.
  • No child will be turned away for hardship to pay. Please email info@miracleleagueofblaine.org to find out about payment options.
Buddies are very important to the operation of the Miracle League of Blaine games.

How are volunteers involved in the game?

  • During each game, there are four types of volunteers: buddies, umpires, announcers, and coaches. Each player is matched with an able-­bodied buddy.
  • Buddies have strict rules to adhere to and assist the participant with batting, fielding, and getting around as much or as little as needed.
  • The player bats, fields, and rounds bases as close to actual baseball league rules as he/she is capable of. Players are pitched to, according to their ability to bat, and may use a tee as necessary. Every player bats each inning, all players are safe, the last batter hits a home-run.
  • Announcers announce the game. They state the lineup, keep the game moving, and cheer on the players! The announcer sometimes even sings Take Me Out To the Ball Game during the top of the second inning stretch! The announcers play walk-up music and get the spectators involved in the game.
  • Coaches are picked prior to the start of the season. Typically there are two coaches per game. One coach pitches, the other catches or assists with catching. If there are enough, a coach in the outfield helps keep players engrossed in the game by practicing fielding balls, keeping the kids motivated, and helping them with their skills!
  • For more information regarding volunteering please click here.

What type of baseball is used?

  • The official Miracle League baseball is a regulation baseball sized rubber ball.
  • For players that are visually impaired, we do have a beeper ball.

What equipment is used?

  • Each player should have their own glove, but we do have extra gloves for those that don’t have one.
  • Players wear a helmet when they are batting and we have those on hand as well.

What if my child cannot make it to every game?

  • We understand that players may miss games for a number of reasons.
  • Please enjoy the games you can make. If the player is going to be gone for an extended absence, we ask that you call your coach to let him or her know as soon as you can. If needed, your player may make up a missed game on the opposite night/day of play. For instance, if your players misses a Saturday game, they may make up one game on a Tuesday night. Please contact your coach to let them know your player would like to make up a game.

What if my child cannot physically play the entire game or inning?

  • We encourage players to participate in every inning. Priority one is the player’s safety, so if your child needs a rest or is too hot/cold, take a break.
  • Take as much time as needed.