Jersey Pickup Day Major League 2017

Board Member Stacy, Homer, and Stacy’s son John

Jersey Pickup Day Recap

What an amazing day at the Miracle League of Blaine field! The weather was beautiful and the food was delicious!

We are so thankful that the Rotary Club of Blaine was on hand to cook delicious burgers and hot dogs, supplying everything we needed to have a successful picnic! We can’t thank them enough for their involvement in our league. They are interested in buddying for us in the fall, too!

As for the jerseys, they were a hit! Everyone enjoyed getting to meet their coaches and catch up with friends. We are estimating 200 folks attended our picnic!

We’re pretty sure the highlight of the day was Homer’s visit!

The day would not have been complete without all of our coaches and board members attending. And let’s not forget the Robbinsdale-Armstrong High School buddies who delayed going to prom to be on the field with us!

Click here to see the photos and if you wish to order any, feel free. All proceeds from photo orders go to the Miracle League of Blaine.

Let’s go out and have a great Major League 2017 season!