Twins Radio Interview With League President

The President of the Miracle League of Blaine was interviewed by Taylor Ringold of Minnesota Twins Radio to discuss the needs to replace our field. Brandy spoke about the harsh winters in Minnesota and how they’ve taken their toll on the field and what it will mean to the families and our community to have the field rebuilt.

“We would love to have our field replaced where it’s safe for our kids to play and we would love to be able to offer this to more families. The field we’re hoping to build will be more durable, and currently we’ve raised $45,000 toward our $250,000 goal.” – Brandy Eckman

Emme Kersten, who plays on the Pirates and her mom, Jessica Kersten, were also interviewed. Emme agrees that the Miracle League of Blaine provides a level playing field for all of our players.

“We spent years taking Emme with us to watch her siblings play their sports. When we stumbled upon Miracle League it finally offered her an opportunity to be able to do the exact same thing that her siblings were able to do. Instead of having to be a watcher all of the time, she got to actually be a participant and get the same experience that they got.” – Jessica Kersten

Hear the interview in its entirety below: